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Cryptocurrency Trading

Cryptocurrency Trading is the Forex (Foreign Exchange) of cryptocurrencies. This means, you are able to trade different bitcoin and altcoin normally for USD and BTC. Cryptocurrency Trading is an alternative way to get involved in the Crypto-World! It doesn't require mining hardware nor investing in bitcoin hyips or bitcoin cloud mining (which always has risk involved in their integrity).

Our Strategy

Investing in the crypto market may seem like a maze to a newbie. There are a tremendous number of exchanges and brokers and that is before considering regulations imposed by regulators in recent years. Investing in cryptocurrencies therefore requires a level of due diligence not too dissimilar to the research involved in other more mature asset classes.
The volatility and sizeable returns on offer have certainly benefitted investors. After all, Bitcoin has yielded a mass number of Bitcoin millionaires.

With our investment offer, investors no longer have to deal with all the hurdles, multiple considerations, and uncertainties before entering into the crypto market. At Ultimate profit, we understand the key drivers and market characteristics which are particularly important for succeeding in this space, and we have developed investment strategies in the space.

Exchange Trading

We have partnered with a few cryptocurrency exchanges to operate enterprise level exchange services on select cryptocurrencies (bitcoin and altcoin), which allows us to gain controlled trading preference in those exchanges, in other words, maximizing profits.


In this strategy, we track varying prices of select cryptocurrencies across various exchanges, buying large sums from one exchange which sells low and selling almost immediately on an exchange which sells higher. We leverage on this strategy for greater ROI.

We use Automated Cryptocurrency bots

The human mind can only follow several indicators at a given time. A Bitcoin (or other crypto-currency) bot can follow and try all the indicators at any time on all the cryptocoins. A Bitcoin bot doesn't need sleep - a bot can be active at any time you wish, this allows to have a better sound, because you can be sure, that the bot will trade if something crucial happens.

Bitcoin Bots are accessible

Financial bots have existed for many years, but they were only accessible to the brokers and banks. Just the Bloomberg API cost 10000$ per year. Bitcoin Bots are different. They are managed on an external cloud/server, which means you don't need to have your computer running all the time. The strategies are pseudo-coded - so you can say for example, if this indicator crosses that indicator, then buy. Else wait for that indicator. Most bots are user made with different ratings, which allow you to choose easily from several strategies, without the need to program any code at all.